Maurice The Fish Recording Artists - DARBY PICNIC

Lee Gregory - Keyboards, Vocal;   Kent Beatty - Guitars, Keys, Vocal
Troy Moss - Guitars, Vocals;   Terry Hickey - Bass, Vocals
David Mark Smith - Drums

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Over the winter of 2014-15, Lee Gregory was working on an album of solo material at The Loft. As the recording process developed, a handful of people came to do sessions – Jerry Wainhouse, Troy Moss, and Izzy Parker, among others.

At the CD release party for Baubles & Trinkets, Lee introduced a band that hadn’t yet learned any songs completely – The Baubles. The original lineup was: Lee Gregory on Keys and Vocals, Troy Moss on Guitar, Terry Hickey on Bass, and Jerry Wainhouse on Drums. Rehearsals began to escalate in frequency. An old friend, Kent Beatty came into the band on Guitar, Keys, Vocals, and fell right into his role as another songwriter.

So now, the lineup seemed set and the first show happened at The Stonegate. The room was packed to the rafters that night. The idea of a band on South Tacoma Way playing original music was something that seemed kind of sketchy, but it worked. The club wanted the band back.

In trying to secure the name, it was discovered that a band in England known as The Baubles had rights to it and the search for a new name began. Mommy Dearest, Ooo Shiny, The Dads, The Rickets and many other possibilities were considered. Kent came up with Darby Picnic while reading an old underground magazine from Europe. We’ll leave its meaning to your imagination.

And so it was. Darby Picnic was born.

Since then, the band has gone through a couple of drummers. Jerry passed away in 2016. David Mark Smith, formerly of The Moss Brothers and owner of Crash Bang Booom Studio came on board in the spring, and is the drummer the group was looking for.

As of this writing, Darby Picnic has released a single - We're Not People Now, and is busy recording at CBB to develop their first EP.